for the 2021 - 2022 Season


The Harold Green Family, Miriam, Eric, Cary and Ronda, Kevin and Lisa, Robin Green and Jamie Purdon


The Azrieli Foundation
Judy Klarman and Eric Bresler
Anna and Leslie Dan
Toby and Saul Feldberg
Sheila and Murray Goldman
The Families of David Green and Daphne Wagner, Karen Green and George Fischer, Donna Green and Michael Sanderson
Lindy Green and Barry & Laurie Green
Alan Greenberg
Debbie and Warren Kimel
The Robbins Family
Rosalie and Isadore Sharp
Shanitha Kachan and Gerald Sheff
Fran and Edward Sonshine
Eric and Leah Weisz and Family - Effort Trust
Barbara and Henry Bank
Donna and Barry Bank
Elly Barlin-Daniels and Peter Daniels
Sarah and Morris Perlis
Hinda and Allan Silber
Dene and Glenn Cohen
Annalee and Jeff Wagman
Judi and Marshall Egelnick
Joy Kaufman and Eric Cohen
Esther and Victor Peters


The Azrieli Foundation
Cary Green
Cosmic Advertising and Graphic Design


Richard and Elaine Borchiver
Creative Image Communications
Guild Electric Charitable Foundation


The Brettler/Mintz Foundation
The Jeremy and Judith Freedman Family Foundation
Ellen Haspel
Carolyn Lengyel
Steven and Rodeen Stein


Barry and Donna Bank
Howard and Ann Biderman
Louise Comblum
Barry and Helen Goldlist
Michelle Glied-Goldstein
Harvey and Goldie Kestenberg
Eddie and Harriet Rice
Moshe and Dara Ronen
Felix and Raisa Shuster
Steven Sofer
Carol Mitchell and Richard Venn


Barbara and Lorne Bernstein
Dene and Glenn Cohen
Rosylin and Gerold Goldlist
Mervin and Myma Lass Fund
Bernice and Nate Leipciger
Bill and Anne Lieberman
Sean Mulcahy
Nanci Turk
Mark Waintman
Steven Weinreib


Isaac and Marilyn Birenbaum
Daniel Bowman
Judy Coldoff
Bruce Dean
Kathy Kacer and Ian Epstein
Arla and Zvi Litwin
Marlene Richardson
Cyndy Rosenthal
Fern Smiley
Steven Sofer
Steven and Rodeen Stein
Carol Strom
Terry Walman
Phil Weinstein


Brenda Spiegler and Mark S. Anshan
John Anthony
Harvey and Ellen Ash
Hazel Bader
Philip Baer
Carol Baker
Sandy Posluns and Eli Barr
Debbie Bergson
Harry Herholz
Myrna Berlin
Miriam Bester
Renee and Alan Birnbaum
Kris Boyce
Bobbie Lynn Brass
Freda and Allan Brender
Judith and Harold Bricks
Michael and Ava Brodsky
Marla Cappell
Brenda Kane-Cipin
May Cohen
Stephen Cohen
Jerry Colomby
Howard Colton
Esther Cooper
Jerry Cooper
Joanne Cooper
Cherie and Mark Daitchman
Rodica David
Helen Eisen
Leigh Eisenberg
Maxane Ezer
Berna Feldman
Debra Feldman
Gordon and Ricki Fenwick
Ron Forster
Judy Franklin
David Freeman
Marcia Glick
Sandra Goldberg
Stuart Goldman
Nomi Goodman
Helene Green
Susan Smyth and Jeffrey Gustin
Doreen Gryfe
Sheila Hecker
Sonia and Yehudi Hendler
Marilyn Herbert
Carol Koranyi
Harvey Kreisman Janice and Howard Langer Fund
Karen Leitner
Olga Luftig
Philip Ladovsky
Janice and Howard Langer Fund
Irving Lefler
Beverley and Bernie Little
Gert Ludwig
Jordan Merkur
Trudy Miller
Carol Manilla
Ellen Nash
Gary Opolsky
Lisa and Stephen Pinkus
Lori and Steven Popper
Dayle and Allam Rakowsky
Esther Rosenholtz
Joanne Rovet
Susan Rubin
Jeanne Salit
George Saltzberg
Frances Saltzman
Elaine and Gary Sandor
Josette Sassoon
Lynn Saunders
Abe Schwartz
Esther Schwartz
Dena Arback and Jay Shanker
Thelma Shore
Phillip and Brenda Silver
Marilyn Sinclair
Fern Smiley
Linda Somers
Elaine Sone
Bonnie Stern
Evelyne Suchter
Randi and Jack Szymkowicz
Brent Tkatch
Rochelle Thompson
Keren Fenwick and Saul Unterman
Leonard Vanek
Debbie and Jack Wasserman
Donna and Fred Webber
Terry Weintraub
Dianne Woodrow
Glory Wortzman
Belanie and Marty Zatzman

The Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company would like to thank all of our generous donors. Your passion and commitment to our theatre company, especially over the past two years, has been the inspiration that allows us to continue to present world class productions such as this.

If you would like to make a donation, please call Matt Birnbaum at 416.932.9995 x 223.

This donor lists encompasses the period from January 1, 2020 to April 19, 2022.

If we have missed your name, please accept our apologies and contact Matt Birnbaum at 416-932-9995 x223 with any corrections.

To tailor your sponsorship to your needs, contact Matt Birnbaum at matt@hgjewishtheatre.com
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